Sunday, April 18, 2010

3rd Day of Fasting

so today was my third day fasting. i also did the "Spring Bada Bing" craft show at Plant Zero (i will post some pictures of that soon).

on my first day, i was considering stopping the fast early. but when i woke up the second morning, my mind felt clear and something in me did not want to eat normally as usual. i don't know if this was a physical or spiritual need, maybe both. but i wanted to continue the fast, so i did. i felt a bit light-headed and tired as i had the day before, but i didn't crave food like the first day. maybe because i stayed in most of the day preparing for the craft show and wasn't tempted by too much food distraction. i found that the mornings were harder, and that by evening i would feel better and not even need to drink quite as much lemonade.

this morning i felt absolutely fine, no hunger and no light-headedness. i didn't crave food at all. i had been a little worried about being on the fast and doing a craft show at the same time, but it was all good. and i didn't get quite as worked up and irritable as i usually do before a craft show. my boyfriend said i've been less moody since doing the fast, and i think that's true. he said that before i probably got moody from my blood sugar crashing more rapidly from eating sweets or food, but the lemonade drink keeps my blood sugar steady. whenever i do get irritable, i drink more of the lemonade and feel fine.

some realizations: i think that i have been chronically dehydrated, so this fast has been great for me. i don't wake up with a very dry mouth like before. also, i have a lot of psychological attachments to food, and i'm one of those people that "live to eat," not "eat to live." i use food to comfort myself, and i often eat more than i really need to. i am not overweight and i would consider my normal diet very healthy, yet sometimes i forget that food is for nourishment primarily, pleasure second. i think that when i start eating again, i will have a better attitude towards food and i will appreciate its role in my life even more. i will try not to over-eat. this fast has shown me that my body is an amazing thing, and that i will not starve if i eat a little less than normal. if i eat healthy, balanced foods, my body will be capable of extracting the nutrients it needs without having to go overboard.

good night!

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