Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Veg Head

whoa, this summer has been busy. i've been teaching 5 days a week for ArtVenture, an art summer camp for kids at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. I taught 4 weeks of screenprinting, and now i'm teaching a Paper Toys class. kids are fun, energetic, and keep you on your toes. they are also overwhelming. i've had to take many naps this past month.

still working on those veg paintings for Harrison St. Coffee Shop. it's been really hard to do almost anything outside of teaching, so i've really had to push myself to get the paintings done. 5 more to go by the end of august (that's less than a week, eep!)

Friday, August 6, 2010

And More Illos in Print

Some of my drawings are included in the fabulous "An Artful Agenda" planners and agenda books. Check out the shop. These are really wonderful planners, full of illustrations on each page from 8 different artists. Stephanie McDonald, the proprietress and designer, is contributing 5% of all proceeds from sales towards art education in public schools. And the interior pages are printed on 100% recycled paper! Pictured above is the cover art by Kelly Bertram, and a couple of interior pages with my illustrations. The new August to August Planners just came out, but there are a whole range of products - a Lesson Planner, Universal Agenda (undated), and blank Diary. Get one for yourself and start organizing your life!

Zine Philosophy for Broken Pencil Magazine!

click on the image to get a larger view

i've been published! i just received my copy of Broken Pencil: The Magazine of Zine Culture and the Independent Arts in my mail yesterday. it has a happy pink cover with a robot on it.

Broken Pencil is a magazine based in Toronto, Canada. I met the editor, Lindsay Gibb, at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair in march, and i gave her a couple of my zines to review. In June she asked if i would like to write something for the "Zine Philosophy" section of the magazine - where zinesters write about why they make zines, their inspiration, and zine philosophy. i decided to make mine like how i would make a page in a zine - handwritten and illustrated. this was fun, and it is so exciting to have an illustration in print and circulating around Canada and the U.S. Doing this illo also re-inspired me to get back into zine-making. it's been a year since i made a zine! life just catches up with you, you know how it goes.