Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Art 180 Calendar!


I made the drawings for the new 2011 Art 180 calendar illustrating quotes by youth in Art 180 programs. Erin Potter of Punch Design did the graphic design and color selection. It is a very handy calendar that folds out to sit on your desktop, adding a bit of brightness and inspiration to your day. We are all very proud of having donated our efforts to support Art 180, an organization that provides art programs to youth facing challenging circumstances. Once this product is listed, you can buy your very own calendar for $12 at their online shop, and if you live in Richmond you can find it at craft events where Art 180 and I will be vending! By the way, I've heard rave reviews about the Art 180 cookbook. Someone told me about a recipe for black bean burgers that is simply amazing. May have to pick that up for myself soon...

One Kind Word - Love

This is a poster and postcard set I illustrated and hand-lettered for One Kind Word Project, run by Hartwood Press in Richmond, VA. Please submit writing, art, or a combination of both! There is a chance your submission will be selected for inclusion in a print anthology of One Kind Word. Please pass this along to friends who may be interested.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Prints and Black Friday Sale on Sprout Head

These are what I've been working on madly for the last few weeks. More new art to come. They are all linocuts, which is my new (old) favorite printmaking medium. I say that because I hadn't done much since high school, but I love them now. All are for sale in my Etsy shop, Sprout Head.Which reminds me, I'm having a BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE at my shop from Friday, Nov 26 through Sunday, Nov 28th. Get 10% off your entire purchase when you enter coupon code BLACKFRIDAY10.

 "Horse Constellation"


"Gathering (Autumn) 

"I Went Hunting" - inspired by a song of the same name by Alasdair Roberts:

I went hunting in the morning, Polly,
When the geese were in the field.
I went hunting in the morning, Polly,
The geese were in the field.

Then I saw a woman changing
From a woman to a gosling.
Then I saw a woman changing
Before my eyes.

And the larks sang melodious, Polly,
At the dawning of the day.
And they only know the one song, Polly,
But they sing it wondrously.

And the beauty of the singing,
All along the valley ringing,
And the beauty of the singing
Stayed my hand. 

One print in this edition is being donated to the charity auction at Gallery 5 on Friday December 3rd, benefiting Art 180. I'll also be vending at RVyAy! (Records, Vintage, and Art Fest) on that night. Stop by and do some shopping if you're in town!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


it's been awhile since i posted something on here, but i promise you i have been busy! i've been working on some commissioned illustrations, which i will post here very soon

as for personal work, i was asked to donate a piece for the Tiny Auction, a special event which is part of Bizarre Market Holiday, a craft market that is set up in the gallery space of Chop Suey Books in Carytown for a whole month from November 26th to December 24th (Christmas Eve!) Visit the Bizarre Market Facebook page here. I will be selling prints, paintings, and more at the month-long market, but the Tiny Auction is for 3 days only. 20 artists have been asked to donate art specially made for this silent auction. the pieces measure 5" x 5" or smaller. From Friday, November 26th to Sunday the 28th at 4 pm, customers get a chance to bid on their favorite pieces. profits go towards a great cause - the scholarship fund for the Richmond Young Writers Program, a non-profit that offers writing classes to youth.

here is my piece for the auction, measuring 5" x 5." It's called "Stillness." I made it using papers that i painted with watercolor, cut and collaged together. i was actually quite frustrated working on this piece because i kept feeling like it needed something, but i didn't know quite what to do. i think adding the shadows helped. i admire other artists who can beautifully blend funky textures and colors together into a unified whole. i need to practice more to really master it. i am happy with my piece now, though you can only tell it's collaged if you look closely. i had a Scandinavian look in mind when i made it, especially with the detail of the girl's sweater and the simple shapes of the trees. i may create a black and white linoleum print version of this piece if i have time.

i hope you like the painting! and it you live in Richmond, please come down and bid on it at the Tiny Auction!