Monday, December 6, 2010

The Greedy Bird

This is my newest print, based on a doodle I made in my sketchbook a year ago. I really think he belongs in his own story somehow. he is greedy, yet loveable, in my opinion.

someone at a craft show asked me if i read a lot of Edward Gorey. i admit that the look and feel of this piece did remind me of Gorey while i was making it, though I never purposely try to emulate him. i can't help it if i love words and intricate little pictures within borders!

here's another artist named Daria Tessler whose work is awesome! i first found her work and bought some of her beautiful little illustrated booklets (which you can find on her website). her prints are so amazing. i love how she incorporates the borders into her screenprints, and how she layers so many colors and patterns. she inspires me to push my artwork into a more intricate and involved direction. i only hope i have more time to work on some kick-ass work this new year. see more of Daria's work here. and she also has an Etsy shop called Animal Sleep.

"Prehistoric Journey" - 5-color screenprint by Daria Tessler