Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pablo Auladell

Pablo Auladell is a Spanish artist who makes illustrations, comic books, and children's books. i love the ethereal quality of his work, and how he tends to work in a limited color palette. some of his illustrations remind me of Da Vinci sketches or old frescoes where part of the image gets worn away and you can see another image behind it.

part of the reason i'm showcasing some different artists on my blog is because i am gathering inspiration for illustrating my own children's book. i am taking a Handprinted Children's Book Class at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. i will be letterpressing hand-set type and screenprinting the images. i will try to document some of the process here if i'm not too lazy. this is a very exciting endeavor for me! i have a couple of friends who are also taking the class, so maybe i will post some of their work here as well.

writing and illustrating children's books has been a goal of mine for forever. i used to write, illustrate, and bind (or staple!) my own books when i was younger. for such a long time i've thought that this is a goal of mine, and i will get to it someday. but then i thought "Why not now?" i think my attitude of "Someday" has been the procrastinator in me. not to say that waiting has been a bad thing, because i feel like i can produce stronger work now than ever before and i have a greater sense of the importance of stories. so i've been looking at other artists on the web, checking out library books, and keeping my eyes peeled for inspiration. in particular, i would like to experiment more with materials such as watercolor, painting, and mixed media. i've been doing some small experiments in my sketchbook which i will post soon.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodness Gracious - Joanna Concejo

wow, i just found the blog of this amazing illustrator named Joanna Concejo. none of her websites come up when you do a regular search of her name, but i was looking at some google images and clicked on one to find her blog! it appears that she is french, (correction: she is polish! but currently resides in france. thanks M.!) and it is hard to find her books translated into english *there are none of her books translated into english!* but i will have to find one just for the illustrations. i'm not sure if she has a formal website or just her blog, but either way i'm glad that i found it. i hope you've been inspired.