Sunday, March 11, 2012


The Golden Moth Illumination Deck was successfully funded by Kickstarter last night at 9:49 pm! As I watched the minutes tick away, I felt a satisfied relief that the campaign was over. Thank you to all the Backers for all that you have done to help create a successful campaign - from pledging to spreading the word, to sending encouragement. It is an amazing experience to know that 127 people have got my back!

While I have enjoyed this campaign and learned a lot from it, it has felt a bit unreal at times since most of my Backers are people I haven't seen in years or never met in person. But come April, it will certainly feel real when I package and ship 127 rewards! And for those of you who live in Richmond, VA I am planning on a special release party so you can pick up your rewards in person if you choose - more details to follow.

The Golden Moth Illumination Deck has been the biggest project I have ever taken on. It has warranted a great deal of work and planning:
  • Making the video (it took me a full week to do)
  • Promoting the project and sending updates
  • Figuring out costs of printing, shipping, and the reward tiers
  • Figuring out measurements, papers, and inks for printing
  • Drawing the artwork, scanning, touching it up, and laying it out (I know those symbols are tiny, but it takes me at least an hour for each one - white-out is a perfectionist's best friend)
  • Communicating back and forth with the printer
  • Ordering shipping supplies
  • Writing and designing the guide booklet (eek!)
  • Planning ahead for the release of the deck and how to promote it further
  • And finally, packaging the rewards and sending them out to you!
I have been working on the bookplate designs. Here is a sample of what they will look like:

I originally wanted the bookplates to be printed in a brown/vintage red color like the examples to the right. But I wondered if my Backers would prefer the blue/gold color scheme I used for the card design. So I'd love input on which color scheme you like best, since I can only print one.

I'd also like your feedback on which symbols you like best to be the images on the bookplates. I plan on printing 6 - 9 designs, depending on the variety of feedback I get. Please let me know which are your favorites. If you right-click on the images and select "Open Link in New Tab" you can use the magnifying glass tool to get a close-up of the images.

Oh, and I just started a new E-Newsletter service. Please subscribe here. I send out updates once a month, but you can choose to receive updates less frequently. I will send updates about art news, craft shows, and Sprout Head shop sales!

Thank you!

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