Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi everyone!

I have been very overwhelmed and optimistic about the response I have received so far with my Kickstarter project "The Golden Moth Illumination Deck." I have reached a little over half of my fundraising goal already! Please keep spreading the word through Facebook, blogs, etc, and let me know if there are any blogs or websites you think I should contact who might be interested.

 Right now I am trying to decide which postcards I want printed (postcards are just one of the rewards you can receive when you pledge to the project). I need your input on the final decision. Please leave a comment and let me know which postcards are your favorites! I will be deciding on 6 - 8 images to be printed. And if there is artwork on my website  that isn't shown here which you think will make a great postcard, let me know! I just might be persuaded :)



  1. Hi Aijung!

    So hard to choose, they are all so lovely, but if I had to pick then my very favourites are Map, Stillness, Game, Polyp, Sprouts and River Hand.