Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Over the Hump

I just want to update people after that negative post I left the other day. I am feeling better. I am scheduled to receive my new corner-rounder today, so Moth Deck production should be in full swing again soon.

On Tuesday I had another freak-out and felt like crap again. I bicycled in the rain to a health-food store and bought some herbal and homeopathic supplements to help with anxiety, and I started to take my B-complex vitamin again. I am a vegetarian, and lately I wonder if I'm not getting the right kind of nutrition that my body needs. I think that my physical state is affecting my mental state, and vice versa. This project has been stressful, but so is most anything to me. I have been an anxious person all my life, and I need to find healthy ways to release anxiety. Usually, making art helps me to do that, but this time it actually contributes to my stress. As I get older, I notice that my metabolism is also slowing down more too. I need to work harder to maintain my health. I am trying to attend more yoga and exercise classes at the YMCA, and it does help. I also have to pay attention to my diet and make sure I'm getting enough protein, B-vitamins, and amino acids. I am even considering eating a little bit of meat until I can figure out how to best maintain my health on a vegetarian diet.

On the bright side, yesterday I ate as much good stuff as I could stuff in my system - bee pollen, a protein-shake, salad, eggs, and anti-stress supplements. I did feel better, and I went into the studio and finished the 2-color screenprint which is the last reward I needed to finish for the Golden Moth project! I bought a summer membership to Studio 2 3, and I really enjoy using the studio. It's nice to be around other printmakers to get artistic input, advice, and inspiration. I will post pics of the screenprint very soon.

Now I have a lot to do to get ready for the Release Party at Blue Elephant this Saturday. Time to get off the computer and start working!

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