Thursday, November 17, 2011

hello goodbye images

okay, finally got around to posting images from my latest show "hello goodbye." see the rest of the images here. i'm posting a fancy little artist statement - hope it's not too pretentious. but it does reflect my thought process as i made these pieces. this has been the most personal work i've made in a long time. i've been sifting through a lot of memories in my head these days that make me sad at times. it's hard to reconcile the past, but art is the best way i know how to do it. hope you enjoy. and keep a look-out because i'll be posting some more artwork soon. love to all - aijung.

hello goodbye

Human beings moult just like other animals, only the skins we shed are psychic. Our scars are weighted with stories. The rambling moments accumulate as days, months, and years. We move forward through life by shedding joy and pain, occupations and lovers. We lose who we were in order to reinvent ourselves.

I am drawn to the tenuousness of life. It floats as delicate and strong as silk thread. As an artist, I process my experience through the creation of images – by stitching in the moments, scratching in the lines with ink. I create new forms with hands embedded with the past.

Through this series of work, I seek to find the infinite in the evanescent. It is my attempt to navigate the world through the corporeality of a body while also unveiling the invisible thread that runs through everyday life and keeps us pressing forward. I embrace the little deaths that we experience – a flower that begins to die once it is cut, breath exhaled as cigarette smoke, the shadowy flutter of moths, the passing of one more train. Each moment exists and is shed in favor of the fugitive, liquid moment. Only by saying goodbye can we begin to say hello.

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