Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Opening Reception

Last week was busy. I finished a drawing commission for someone on Monday and sent it off to California. Started teaching a new bookbinding class on Tuesday, finished making prints for my art show on Wednesday, taught another class on Thursday, bought some shoes from the thrift store and hung the artwork. On Friday I finished up some little details for my show, then prepared some food and brought everything over for the opening reception. I had been so excited to wear a black and gold silk dress that I've had for a couple years but never worn in public. Like a scene from a bad dream, I changed into my dress at Chop Suey and realized that it was see-through. Not wanting to expose people to my underwear, I biked home and grabbed another dress to change into. So I was a little late to my reception. Friends and aquaintances came in and it was a very laid-back, pleasant night spent talking to friendly people. All in all, a great night - whew!
I made a vegan chocolate gingerbread cake with orange-chocolate frosting, guacamole and cashew dip. Two students from my bookbinding class (a mother and daughter) brought me a fruit and yogurt platter, forks, napkins, and a card! I was amazed at their generosity. In fact, the whole night reminded me how at home I feel in Richmond now. When I had an art show at Gallery 5 in December, I didn't have many friends to invite to the show. This time felt very different.


It's always interesting to hear which are people's favorites. The top three pieces were among my favorites and others pointed them out as well.