Tuesday, November 9, 2010


it's been awhile since i posted something on here, but i promise you i have been busy! i've been working on some commissioned illustrations, which i will post here very soon

as for personal work, i was asked to donate a piece for the Tiny Auction, a special event which is part of Bizarre Market Holiday, a craft market that is set up in the gallery space of Chop Suey Books in Carytown for a whole month from November 26th to December 24th (Christmas Eve!) Visit the Bizarre Market Facebook page here. I will be selling prints, paintings, and more at the month-long market, but the Tiny Auction is for 3 days only. 20 artists have been asked to donate art specially made for this silent auction. the pieces measure 5" x 5" or smaller. From Friday, November 26th to Sunday the 28th at 4 pm, customers get a chance to bid on their favorite pieces. profits go towards a great cause - the scholarship fund for the Richmond Young Writers Program, a non-profit that offers writing classes to youth.

here is my piece for the auction, measuring 5" x 5." It's called "Stillness." I made it using papers that i painted with watercolor, cut and collaged together. i was actually quite frustrated working on this piece because i kept feeling like it needed something, but i didn't know quite what to do. i think adding the shadows helped. i admire other artists who can beautifully blend funky textures and colors together into a unified whole. i need to practice more to really master it. i am happy with my piece now, though you can only tell it's collaged if you look closely. i had a Scandinavian look in mind when i made it, especially with the detail of the girl's sweater and the simple shapes of the trees. i may create a black and white linoleum print version of this piece if i have time.

i hope you like the painting! and it you live in Richmond, please come down and bid on it at the Tiny Auction!


  1. Beautiful Aijung! It was great seeing you at the zine fest btw! Your little books are really wonderful.

  2. Wow i'd love to see this in person